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Goals, Objectives & Policies

IACC&T Goals & Objectives

1. Provide means to meet community’s religious & spiritual needs by:
a) Expanding, renovating & maintaining IACC&T Temple facilities.
b) Offering up to 23 Satsangs, 8 Festival celebrations and 4 Pravachans by invited religious and spiritual speakers each year.

2. Promote cultural interaction within the community through quality cultural programs.

3. Provide a forum for the IACC&T community to engage with the community at large through intellectual, spiritual and charitable endeavors.

4. Promote and coordinate community efforts in providing donations for genuine charitable causes.

5. Promote youth participation within IACC&T by offering a variety of programs to enhance intellectual
and spiritual growth of children of 3 – 18 years in age.

6. Increase IACC&T membership to 300 persons (150 families).

IACC&T Policies and Guidelines
Guidelines of conduct for IACC&T Board Members
IACC&T Sanctum and Prayer Hall Guidelines
IACC&T Guidelines for Satsung Sponsors
IACC&T Facilities Reservation Guidelines
IACC&T Guidelines For Honorarium to Invited Religious / Spritual Speakers
IACC&T Library Operationg Procedures


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