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Satsangs at IACC&T
IACC&T Guidelines for Satsang Sponsors

The IACC&T holds 23 Satsang annually. These Satsangs are held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month except the Christmas week. We have had tremendous community participation in these Satsangs because virtually all of them are sponsored by our community members. These events can be sponsored individually by one family or jointly by several families. This is an excellent opportunity for the sponsors to celebrate any special event, such as an anniversary, birthday, birth of a child or grandchild, graduation, etc, or any special day to commemorate memory of loved ones. The sponsors also have the choice to participate in a Pooja or Havan of their choice provided to them by IACC&T.
The IACC&T Facilities Manager will normally distribute these guidelines to the sponsors as they volunteer for their services. It is also suggested that the potential and committed sponsors should call the IACC&T Facilities Manager and obtain a copy in advance.

Guidelines of the responsibilities assumed by the sponsor:

1. For lunch after Satsang , food will be provided by the sponsor. Tableware will be supplied by the Temple.
2. Kitchen is available one day before the Satsang and on the day of the Satsang. If kitchen is needed on other days, arrangements should be made with the Facilities Manager.
3. Keys for the Temple can be obtained from the Facilities Manager. If needed, Facilities Manager will explain the use of kitchen, safety precautions and show where needed items are located.
4. On Satsang day, sponsor will set up chairs, water pitchers, tableware and food. 5. Sponsor will monitor garbage containers (i.e. placing new garbage bags provided by the Temple - when the container is full and disposing the filled bags into the garbage disposal container outside).
6. After the lunch, sponsor will be responsible to clean up the tables with wet rag and putting chairs back on the tables.
7. Sponsor will be responsible to dispose off leftover food and clean up the counters. Rest of the clean up will be done by a maid provided by the Temple.
8. Sponsor should return the keys if borrowed.
9. The Temple conducts Pooja as the first item on each IACC&T Satsang day. The sponsor has the option to hold any special Pooja or Havan of his/her choice on this day instead of the regular Temple Pooja. In such situation, the sponsor should make arrangements with the Temple Priest at least one week in advance. Timing of Pooja and other requirements will be explained by the Priest. In the case of Havan , the sponsor should contact the Priest as early as possible since the requirements for preparation on the part of the sponsor are more elaborate.
10. IACC&T pays $51.00 to the Priest for each IACC&T Satsang Pooja. If sponsor desires to make additional donation (dakshina) to the Priest he/she may do so directly to the Priest. If the sponsor wishes to make donation directly to the Temple after this Pooja, this donation should be handed over to the Facilities Manager or his designee (separate from the donation box).
11. If sponsor requests a Pooja before Satsang, he/she should provide the following items (additional items required for the Havan need to be worked out with the Priest):
Flowers - about 15 to 20 preferably in a variety of colors.
A tablespoon of each of the following for Panchamrita - milk, yogurt (preferably homemade), ghee, honey and sugar.
Naivedya - fresh food or a mixture of shredded coconuts and gur or brown sugar.
Two bananas and four other kinds of fruits one each (e.g. orange, mango, apple, pear, peach etc.)
Twelve betel leaves or leaves of about the size of a betel leaf (about 3 to 4 inches long) for Tambool offering.
A silver or gold colored coin (quarter or larger preferred, no copper or brass colored coins).
12. The sponsor should help priest in cleaning up the sanctum area after the Satsang.
13. If the sponsor needs any help in fulfilling the above mentioned responsibilities, he/she should contact one or all of the following: Chairman of the Religious Committee, Temple Priest and Facilities Manager. Their Phone numbers are listed in the IACC&T Newsletters and posted on the IACC&T Website - www.kalamazootemple.org

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