Bal Vikas Details


To instill pride and confidence in children about their Indian identity
Develop human values, social and leadership skills among children
To facilitate children to appreciate, learn, and practice Indian way of life
Increase Hindu/Indian awareness in the society and community

Means We Achieve Our Goals:

We achieve our goals by using spiritual, intellectual, and physical processes of development as described below

Spiritual Process:

Chanting of OM three times
Observing silence for 1 minute to watch for environmental soundsrayers (slokas)
Ending the session with chanting of OM

Intellectual Process:

Alphabets A-Z based on Chinmaya school of teaching. We follow the "My Prayer" book by Chinmaya Mission
Moral story based on a particular theme such as honesty, prayer, caring, respect, friendship, etc
Hindu Mythological stories
Ten avathars of Vishnu
Krishna leela
Exposure to other Indian languages. We have recently introduced Sanskrit to the students

Physical Process: